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Social Bookmarking & Your Web Marketing Plan

If you are familiar withinternet marketing you will already know that getting back links is one of the most important aspects of a successful SEO campaign. Links have a great amount of influence on traffic to your website and can be important to your business’ success. These days with the increased importance of social media, it is important to add one more component to your link building and marketing efforts. This component is social bookmarking --  another way to increase links.

With social bookmarking you are creating bookmarks for web pages that users want to remember or share with other users.  These bookmarks are stored as links to the web pages in question and then saved on social networking sites. Depending on how the user saves the links, the links can be viewed by the public or shared only with a specific or targeted group of people. The links are added to the social networking site by including keyword tags, titles or URLs to the web pages.

The immediate benefit of social bookmarking your site is that you create a link pointing to your site. A lot of the social bookmarking websites have high authority, which means those websites are trusted by lots of people. The link from those sites is a big asset in increasing your SEO ranking.

Another obvious benefit of social bookmarking is that it can help you draw more visitors to your site. Assuming your site has interesting content, you can easily draw more traffic this way.  In fact, sometimes when somebody book marks a web site, what occasionally happens is a number of people suddenly rush to that particular website causing a surge or overload to the targeted site.

Unlike other forms of web link building, social bookmarks gain value with time and should therefore be included in as many social bookmarking sites as possible. Links that have been included in social networking sites tend to accumulate more tags over a longer period and therefore traffic to these particular sites increases as time passes. This is therefore a long term internet marketing tool.

The best way to take advantage of this internet marketing tool is to seek a professional in this area. Professional web marketing providers will know the most popular social bookmarking sites and will do the submission of bookmarks to the web sites on your behalf.  Combining social bookmarking with other web linking strategies will enhance the success of your website.


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